About the Association

„Sources of Life for Africa”



Ladies and Gentlemen,

The main object of the „Sources of Life for Africa” Charitable Association is helping Africans, who do not have access to drinking water. Our work concentrates on financing the construction of water wells.


The nature of the Association’s help:

  • We do not spend money on keeping an office. The Association’s work is based on its members’ voluntary work. The costs of our travels to Africa are paid for with our own funds. All donations are spent completely and directly on well construction.
  • We construct wells using traditional methods, i.e., wells are dug and then lined with concrete rings, which are descended to the depth of 10‑16 metres (in this region of Sahel, this is the confirmed level, at which groundwater can be found). The cost of constructing a well does not usually exceed 2000 euro.
  • Local communities take part in well construction by contributing financially and by means of physical work. The villagers’ donation approximates 1/20 of the well construction costs.  People appointed by the village chief do specific jobs on the construction site. These jobs usually consist in the collection and transport of sand and small stones, which are necessary for the making of concrete rings, as well as helping with removing the ground from the well that’s being dug.
  • The wells that have been constructed with our help are a good shared by all villagers, regardless of their religious beliefs or social standing.


The principles followed by the Association:

  • Humanitarianism – respecting the dignity of every human being, bringing help on the grounds of our care to prevent and limit the effects of circumstances that cause human suffering.
  • Altruism – bringing help voluntarily, sharing with others without own benefits of any kind in view.
  • Impartiality – bringing help regardless of nationality, race, religion, social status or political views.
  • Neutrality – not participating in disputes that are political, racial, religious or ideological in their nature.
  • Autonomy – benefiting from our independence in action at any time and in any place, but in accordance with the given country’s applicable law.


We take the bold liberty to ask every one of you, our site’s Guests, for a financial donation towards our activities. On the left you can find our bank account number, into which you can pay your donation. In the transfer name please enter: „donation towards constitutional objects – for well construction” („darowizna na cele statutowe – na budowę studni”). If you would like to make a donation towards an object other than well construction but in accordance with our Constitution, please state this clearly in the transfer name, e.g.: „donation towards constitutional objects – for children’s schoolbooks and school accessories” („darowizna na cele statutowe – dla dzieci na podręczniki i przybory szkolne”) or „donation towards constitutional objects – for financial support for poorest families” („darowizna na cele statutowe – na wsparcie finansowe najuboższych rodzin”). We also encourage you to have a look at other forms of help that we give, which you can find in Other Activities tab. You can find the Association’s Constitution in the Constitution tab.

We thank you for every single donation towards helping Africans and we promise you that we will spend it according to our Association’s objects.


With regards,

Roman „Chief” Abramczuk

Warsaw, January 2011